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Managing limited resources with the Pareto principle

Small effort - big effect: With 20 percent of the work you achieve 80 percent of the results. Learn how to apply the Pareto principle.



Getting more done through a positive emotional link

Lacking concentration and motivation? This is how you build up an "emotional link" and complete even unpleasant tasks in an instant.


Four ideas for digital team building

Spirit and motivation remain important even in an increasingly virtual work organisation. Here are four ideas for digital team building.


How to become a Peak Performer

Peak performers chase from one success to the next - seemingly effortlessly. We reveal their secret and how you too can achieve peak performance.



6 tips to help you focus better

Focusing is an important skill for successful people. Here are 6 tips for more focus.



How to create your perfect home office workspace

With little effort you can optimize your home office spot to work from home in a healthy and productive way.



6 steps for better communication

Communication is the key to convincing management, colleagues and customers. Learn what matters and how to improve your skills.



Six golden rules for increased productivity

What makes productive people productive? Tip: Not spending extra time in the office. 6 golden rules for more productivity and less stress.


Better impression through body language

Our body language often says more than words. This is how you interpret nonverbal signals and use them yourself to make a better impression.


Time management I: Dos and don'ts for more efficiency

Having the right time management skills can help you become more productive while reducing work-related stress.