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6 Tips to help you focus better

Being able to focus and not get bogged down is an important key to success. The good news: you can learn it. This skill can be trained like a muscle. We give you six tips that will make it easier for you to focus fully on a consciously chosen goal and thus achieve it in the end.

1. Get enough sleep

Many top managers are known for getting up very early. But if you don't get enough sleep, you're unlikely to be hopping out of bed at six in the morning. Adults need an average of seven hours of sleep to be able to go about their work the next morning refreshed and focused. An important first step is to get into good sleep habits and address problems such as sleep deprivation or sleep disorders.

2. Stay organized

Search, tidy and organize: According to studies, workers waste an average of one-third of work time on unnecessary tasks. Avoiding desk clutter saves time that can be better spent on meaningful projects.

3. Do monotasking instead of multitasking

Multitasking doesn't work - especially not for complex tasks. If you use monotasking instead, you will be much more productive. It gets even better with so-called batching: To do this, you put similar tasks one after the other, instead of simply working through an arbitrary sequence of different tasks.

4. Have regular breaks

Regular breaks are important to maintain the ability to concentrate. Otherwise, unnecessary mistakes can easily creep in. Some people fear that the break will cost them valuable time. They just want to get the work over with quickly. But breaks are important for regeneration. During this time, you recharge your batteries, sort out your thoughts and clear your head.

5. Eat healthy

A balanced diet is a key factor for a fit start to the working day. Eating light foods for breakfast and lunch will prevent you from falling into the infamous midday slump and getting tired. Also important: drink enough water. This prevents headaches and concentration problems.

6. Do sports

Sport has numerous benefits. It strengthens the immune system and helps you relieve stress. Especially in the morning between six and eight o'clock, the cortisol level is quite high. If you do a sports session first thing after getting up, you can then devote yourself to your project with inner peace and absolute focus.



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