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Optimize the collaboration
in your team

We.Team offers all the features a team needs for efficient collaboration: Communicate via chat or video/audio conference in real time. Present results via screen sharing. Share files with your team and store them clearly structured in one place.


Collaborate efficiently with other organizations

Are you working together with several clients or service providers? Create a separate TeamSpace for each organization. Within your TeamSpaces, you organize individual projects and topics through channels - this way, all communication remains neatly separated and you always have a good overview.



I rarely write emails anymore. Since we started using We.Team, we chat or meet in a video call.
Communication with colleagues is now much faster and more fun.

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Marketing Manager
IT Company

Ensure optimal learning conditions

We.Team supports pupils, students, teachers and lecturers to communicate better with each other and to work in a structured way. Organize classrooms and group work or assign individual tasks. Everyone can use We.Team because it works in the browser, on the desktop, laptop and smartphone.



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