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We.Team Desktop App: New feature for even more productivity

To help you and your team work together more productively, we've added a new feature to our We.Team Desktop app:

With the new Offline Mode, you now have access to your chat messages, your files, comments and everything that is important for the collaboration with your team at any time via the We.Team Desktop App, even without an internet connection. You'll also benefit from even faster loading times and a more stable interface. As soon as your computer is back online, all data is synchronized with the backend and is up-to-date again. 

All advantages of the new We.Team Desktop App at a glance:

  • Access chats, files and comments at any time even without an internet connection
  • Even faster loading times 
  • Even more stable interface

Log in to your We.Team Desktop App now and test the new benefits - or download the We.Team Desktop App for Mac or Windows now if you don't have it installed yet. 

Download We.Team Desktop App

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