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How to improve your communication?

No matter what career level you're at, you'll always rely on your communication skills. Communication is the key to convincing bosses, colleagues, employees and customers. We explain what matters and how you can improve your skills.

1. Communicate confidently 

A healthy level of self-confidence benefits conversations in the office. If you are confident and clear about what you want to communicate, your colleagues will actually believe you. On the other hand, if you're not even confident in what you're saying, you'll have a hard time convincing others.

2. Pay attention to your nonverbal signals

Of course, you yourself always know exactly how you meant a certain statement. But your colleagues can easily misinterpret your statements. Keep an eye on your tone and body language to prevent misunderstandings. Non-verbal signals in particular can quickly give your counterpart the wrong impression.

3. Listen properly

If you have a lot to say but never listen to others, you signal indifference. The key to good communication is listening and letting others finish what they have to say. Active listening is also something that needs to be learned: signal to your counterpart through verbal and non-verbal signals that you have understood his message. 

4. Always be respectful

Respectful behavior is important, especially if you do not share your colleague's opinion. Avoid derogatory phrases such as "That's nonsense!". Instead, explain calmly and objectively why you do not share the opinion in question.     

5. Prepare for difficult conversations

Good preparation is half the battle when it comes to communication. Especially when a difficult conversation is coming up, you should be clear in advance about the goals you are pursuing and how you can achieve them in the conversation.

6. Conclude disputes positively

Disputes are also part of healthy communication. However, it is important to strive for a positive conclusion here as well and to signal that you want to find a joint solution. This way, you keep the door open for clarifying the issue on both the factual and relationship levels.


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