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How to become a Peak Performer

Successful at work, in their private lives - and always in a good mood: Peak performers master their lives seemingly effortlessly. The term originates from top-class sports and describes a person who succeeds in achieving peak performance over a long period of time. The secret? The inner attitude.     

1. Face challenges early 

A peak performer knows that there is no point in putting off problems. He tackles them head on. Complex challenges don't scare him, on the contrary: they are more of an incentive. He gets everything out of himself in order to be able to proudly present the solution. 

2. Self-reflection 

A peak performer regularly observes his own actions - and critically questions them. Which behavior has helped me? What was a hindrance? If you analyze your actions, you can draw conclusions and correct possible mistakes.  

3. Always want to become better

What training is in top-class sport, further education is in relation to the career. Peak performers remain curious and are lifelong learners. This ensures that they always expand their knowledge and remain mentally flexible. 

4. Work in a focused and organized way

Peak performers work in a focused manner and are able to devote themselves fully to a task. Their daily structure and approach is organized. There is no room for distractions caused by time-wasters. 

5. Do not let yourself get rattled

Even during stressful periods, Peak Performers always keep their cool and trust in their abilities to solve problems. 



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