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These 5 factors will make you an irreplaceable team player at work

The ability to work in a team is an important quality in the professional world. After all, most companies today work across departments and functions. So what is needed is not the lone warrior, but the team player who benefits the group and ultimately the company.   

However, a collection of people in an office is far from being a team. Every team must first find its way to each other, with each member assuming his or her role and everyone getting used to each other. Only then can it act efficiently. If there is strong internal cohesion - also known as group cohesion in social psychology - then team spirit develops. And team spirit is ultimately what inspires groups to achieve top performance and also gives each individual member pleasure in their work. 

These are the five most important factors that make you an irreplaceable team player:


Only if your team can rely one hundred percent on you and you can rely on your team members can the cooperation work. Trust and reliability are essential. On the other hand, it becomes a burden if you always have to watch your back. 

Critical faculties

Everybody makes mistakes - the decisive factor is how you deal with them. Being able to accept and give constructive criticism is an important factor in improving one's own work as well as the team's results. Everything else prevents progress.


It is important to treat each other with consideration. Only in an atmosphere of trust will everyone have the courage to contribute their ideas and suggestions. This also means that team spirit means sometimes taking a step back and letting others have their say. 


Teamwork also means holding discussions and making compromises - this can sometimes be exhausting and protracted, but it is part of the process. It is important to fight through these phases and not give up too quickly. If you have the necessary stamina, you can even motivate others.

Strength of opinion

It is important to defend your point of view in discussions and not to avoid them.  Only through different opinions and perspectives does an initial idea become a functioning concept.


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